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Check It Out! I’ve Been Kissed!

Hi everyone,

Check it out! KISS Wedding Books is now offering design as a service on their site and I’m one of the designers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kiss for a while now and I have to say they truly make the whole process a piece of cake. Kevin Swan, one of the founders of KISS is such a great guy. Always available and I swear the man doesn’t sleep. No matter what time I fire off an email, he responds right away. I love that! He’s been great to work with and I’m flattered to be part of the team.

Their books are simple. People love them. I love one of the lines on their site….:”Just say no to complexity. Get KISSed!”

So if you haven’t been KISSed, pucker up!

Kevin Swan - Aww, shucks! Go on!

We’re stoked to have you on board, Laura! I have no concerns handing off our clients to you.

KISS on!

Dolls with an edge

I love Robert Knowles. He’s a designer here in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to hire him while I was working my corporate job and “what a find”. He not only has a great sense of design but he’s an artist! He’s one of those guys that has you stop and think, “wow, you have a lot to contribute to this world!”
He’s recently made a series of dolls that he’s looking to market. They ROCK!

Easter at Home

Easter was mellow this year. My youngest son was sick so we stayed home and just hung out. My husband and I hid some eggs both inside the house and in the backyard. Mason, who’s turning 4 on Monday (I can hardly believe it!) had a blast. Here are some of my favorite shots that we took.