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Living In Motion

I feel like I’m in a constant state of motion. I find myself moving from place to place. Picking up, putting down, folding, washing, kissing, laughing. It’s amazing to me how there is always something to do.

Having children and dreams and a life that I love is the biggest gift. I’m reading a book that is 365 days worth of stories and positive affirmations about wealth. Today’s story was about remembering to actually enjoy your life. To slow down a bit and make time for the things you want and love to do. The story makes a point of how life will just continue after you’re gone so make the most of it while you’re here. I remember when my father died I had that very realization. He had died in the wee hours of the morning and I’ll never forget the phone ringing at 8am. It was a salesman trying to get me to buy the newspaper. I wanted to shout at him that my father had just died and didn’t he know that? How could he ask me to buy a newspaper at a time like that. And then I realized, life just keeps going. It might have stopped for my father and even for me in that moment but the rest of the world keeps moving. So, I keep moving. I do my best to remember to smile and laugh and not take it all so seriously. It’s hard to do sometimes but I do my best.

My affirmation for today is “I enjoy each and every minute of my blissful life!” And you know what? I do! Even in the midst of the chaos, I’m happy. Deep down happy.

(The wonderful photograph was taken by my husband. I’m so lucky to have a fabulous photographer for a husband. He took some head shots of me this past weekend and when they’re ready, I’ll upload the best to share.)

Mason Has Turned 4!

I can hardly believe that my first born is 4 years old! They say the time passes quickly and boy is it true. I find myself just looking at him sometimes in complete awe of who he is. I had this thought the other day that even though he seems so big and that he’s growing up so fast, he’s still a little sweet boy. He has the cutest little voice and my heart melts when he calls me mama. His kisses are the most precious thing and I hope the day when I try to kiss him and he turns his head and says “ewww mom, gross!” doesn’t come for a long time.

We had a very sweet party for him and I thank my lucky stars that my husband Matt and one of his business partners Garrett are such brilliant photographers! I can be busy cutting cake, playing games and laughing and not worry that I don’t have my camera in hand. Here are some of the photo’s from the day. I couldn’t help but post and share. Click here if you would like to see the slideshow.

Happy Birthday Mason!!!

FMN Design is a Vendor on Project Wedding!

Have any of you heard of Project Wedding? It’s a great site that helps make the whole wedding process simple. You can look up vendors in every category, including me! Since album design is a fairly new market in the industry, it’s a bit dodgy finding me. As soon as we have ten album design companies on the site, they’ll give us our own category.

So, for now, I’m listed in the “Other” category but I’ll take it! I’m #74 to be exact. One of my clients was sweet enough to recommend me as well. She wrote such wonderful things on my page that it made me blush. Thanks Kristy!

I hope that you check out the site. Take a look around and you never know what you might find. They have vendors that offer everything from custom made wedding dresses, stamps, help finding a wedding site, photographers, cake decorators, coordinators, invitations, hair and make-up, jewelry, dance lessons, videographers, officients and yes “others” which include me, your personal custom album designer!!

Check It Out! I’ve Been Kissed!

Hi everyone,

Check it out! KISS Wedding Books is now offering design as a service on their site and I’m one of the designers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kiss for a while now and I have to say they truly make the whole process a piece of cake. Kevin Swan, one of the founders of KISS is such a great guy. Always available and I swear the man doesn’t sleep. No matter what time I fire off an email, he responds right away. I love that! He’s been great to work with and I’m flattered to be part of the team.

Their books are simple. People love them. I love one of the lines on their site….:”Just say no to complexity. Get KISSed!”

So if you haven’t been KISSed, pucker up!

Kevin Swan - Aww, shucks! Go on!

We’re stoked to have you on board, Laura! I have no concerns handing off our clients to you.

KISS on!

Dolls with an edge

I love Robert Knowles. He’s a designer here in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to hire him while I was working my corporate job and “what a find”. He not only has a great sense of design but he’s an artist! He’s one of those guys that has you stop and think, “wow, you have a lot to contribute to this world!”
He’s recently made a series of dolls that he’s looking to market. They ROCK!