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She Said I Do…

When I met her she was young, single, ambitious. She came to our house and interviewed for the nanny position we needed at the time. Mason was not quite 4 and Miles was not quite 1. Miles hadn’t even taken his first steps. We knew right away she was the right fit for our family. Energetic, loving and playful. Our boys loved her. Still do.

All those years ago I can remember her telling me that she couldn’t wait to be a mom. She had always dreamed of it.  She took such wonderful care of my boys I know she’s going to be an incredible mother. And now, she’s still young and ambitions but today she became a wife and soon she will be a mom. I’m beyond thrilled for her. She deserves all that life has to offer. We love you Martyna and we love Pedro and I know we’re going to be over the moon in love with Liam.





Steven has known me for many moons. He went to college with my sister back in the 80’s. He knew my parents and we have shared many meals. He is an incredible artist. I can remember him drawing a picture when I was probably 14 or so. It was AMAZING. I remember wishing that I could draw like that, hoping that someday I would. I asked if I could have it and would look at it literally in awe. He has a gift. Now he not only draws but paints, builds sets, etc. He is a true artist.

He has recently moved back to the bay area and I’ve been happy to see him more often. He’s coming to my church on Sundays and I love seeing him there. It’s so wonderful to share a ‘life’ with someone. To have memories that span a great distance and include my past, my parents, my sister.

Steven, it was so much fun to take your portrait. To see you look at me through the lens. To see you…




TOP 100 Image!!!

Here is my final post from the Shoot & Share 2016 Contest.

This has been an incredible process for me. From choosing the images to enter, actually entering the contest, voting day after day while my family thought I was nuts, to waiting on pins and needles to find out how my images placed, if they placed at all!

21 of the 50 images I entered placed. Almost half! I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’m so thrilled and amazed. It’s one thing to love what you do and have the people who love you tell you your good at it. It’s another to be told by your community and the people who you’re photographing. But it’s entirely another thing to have your images chosen again and again by complete strangers, all across the globe.

The statistics of this contest were crazy. Over 225,000 images entered in 25 categories from over 120 different countries. 10 rounds of voting and thousands of photographs eliminated each round. Here’s a breakdown of how the awards tiered.

Needless to say when these two badges showed up in my email I was over the moon…


Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 1.21.37 PM

Here is the final image I’ll share. My top 100 winner.

I can remember everything about taking this photograph. It’s from a wedding that was in Glen Ellen at Atwood Ranch that I shot with Matt. We had taken the bride and groom, Jen and Egan, away from the reception during the “golden light” for some portraits. They had stood on the back of this cool, old truck and Matt was setting up his shot. I was asking them to lift their pants and dress so that I could see their shoes. (They had worn these cute “non-traditional” wedding shoes). It was a whirlwind moment, we were kind of rushing so that we didn’t lose the light. I needed to get my shot quickly so that Matt could get the real hero shot but as she lifted her dress, Egan gives out this great laugh and points to Jen’s leg telling me to “look!” I cracked up and grabbed the shot and immediately ran over to Matt to tell him about it. I thought it was so funny! Apparently loads of other people would agree with me. 😉

Here’s the shot that placed in the top 100 of the category. It placed 37 out of 5,385 photographs. Thank you to everyone who voted and for all of the love and support I’ve received from my family, friends, clients and colleagues. Big gratitude over here!