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Calling Me Into Him

Photo credit: Anne Ibsen | If:Gathering 2017


God has been calling me toward him. If I could visually describe what I’ve been experiencing over the last two years I would say that what felt before was a thin piece of string, now feels like a thick tethered rope. So thick my hands can’t wrap themselves around it.

A friend told me something about a year ago that has stuck with me. She said that God asks us to be obedient. He whispers to us, daily, and we have the choice, free will, to listen and obey…or not. She said she hears something as simple as to call someone, or to stop by and see someone, to ask someone how they are doing or even to turn left instead of right when it might not make sense. When we act on that whisper, we are being obedient. When we don’t, we are not.

Do you hear Him? Would you admit to hearing Him?

I hear Him. All the time, and I’ve been ignoring Him. That’s not completely true. I listen, sometimes. When I do, I’m always glad I did and I feel encouraged. But a lot of the time, I don’t.

I have had a hard time distinguishing the difference though at times. The difference between His voice and my own. For example, I’ve been talking about wanting to write again for a long time. Wanting to make a schedule. I’ve been so confused about this because I thought this was my desire. that I had a desire to write. And while I do have that desire, this weekend I understood for the first time that I think it’s God that is putting this desire on my heart. He wants me to write and I have been resisting. I haven’t been being obedient. Because the truth is, if I had wanted to write I would be writing. Now,some of you might be shaking your head about this, and maybe for good reason. I’m sure there are times when people want to write but just can’t. They call it writers block. But this isn’t what I’m taking about. I don’t have writers block. I have plenty to say, and in fact I hear the words in their sentences and paragraphs compose themselves in my mind. All the time. My disobedience comes when I don’t make the time to write them down.

If I’m going to be completely honest, as this seems to be a confession, I wake up early, early enough that I could get up and write for an hour or so before anyone else even stirs in my home. But I’ve been choosing not to. I’ve been choosing to close my eyes and go back to sleep or to keep composing the words and sentences in my mind and leave them there to disappear. Or sometimes when I wake early I stay in bed and pray, which becomes my “valid excuse” not to get up. I’m praying, that has to count for something. But in my honesty, right now, it is in my disobedience that I stay in bed. This weekend I felt that it is God that is calling me to write. God that is calling me to rise out of bed at 5:15. I saw that my resistance is so strong that I’ve even justified my disobedience with prayer.

In truth I haven’t wanted to write for so many reasons, excuses. Fear that people would think I’m writing to be heard or to be seen. I’m not. In fact I would choose not to be seen or heard and to be left alone in my house with my boys and a good book or movie and laughter and a cozy blanket. To be safe in my quiet self.

It scares me to think that God may be asking me to do this. It scares me to think that He’s asking me to get up before the sun rises. It scares me to think that He’s asking anything of me to be honest. And yet I know that I have been disobedient long enough. That I need to step past my own fears and limitations to answer His call.

I have been seeking Him, calling to him to pull me closer. I have been asking Him to draw me near. To grab ahold of the hearts of my boys and to soften the heart of my husband. And in my seeking Him, I didn’t see that I was ignoring His call to me.

Another friend came over last week to help me get my finances in order. To help me understand a language of money that has been foreign to me. I told her in conversation that I was tired of driving the ship. That it can be so hard at times and exhausting. I cried when I spoke those words. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of exhaustion.  This weekend I had a clear knowing that I’m not driving the ship but when I take over and “think” I am, I get myself into trouble. I let go of the rope that He’s thrown out for me to grab a hold of.

I’m feeling renewed from my time deep in prayer this past weekend. I’m feeling weary from my dying to Him but I know that the shame I felt from my disobedience can wash right through me because He sees me pure and clean and whole.

This is a first step towards obedience. A first step toward Him in the way that he is calling to me. Oh how I close my eyes and resist the thought that he may call me to rise early tomorrow morning. But if He does, I want to be obedient to Him. I want to hold on to that rope that He has thrown out to me. I want to pull Him closer so that I can feel His love wash over me.

Laura - Hi Laura, how funny that we have such a similar name! I’m glad you stumbled upon my because of that. We also share a similar story about falling in love with photography. I was studying to be a graphic designer and had to take a photo class for my degree. I fell in love and that was it! I spend the next year doing an intensive study in photography so that I graduated with a double major in both photography and graphic design. I took a look at your blog and site and you do lovely work too! Thanks for reaching out and I hope we can keep in touch.

Laura - Thank you Miss D. I’m moved by your words. <3

Kathy DePippo - Laura,
I see God shining through you every time I look at one of your photographs. If I were a gambling person, I’d bet money that others see it, too. You have realized the gift He gave you, and you bring Him glory with each image. I saw the gift when you were in 7th and 8th grade; now everyone sees it.

Never doubt it or Him, dear one.

Miss D

Laura Roush - This is so bizarre…
I was ordering my thumbdrives from my company in FL and they got my account confused with yours because our names are spelled similarly. I decided to check out your site on a whim. Your work is beautiful, Laura. As I started reading your blogpost about God… I was moved. Very cool to see another photographer with similar things going on in their life.

Have a blessed day 🙂

Laura Roush

I have been experiencing the SAME EXACT THING – not to write but just to be up before the kids and before the sun.

Time to read my Bible, do my BSF homework, and plan my day.

I have a new job that is totally from HIM, but I am not “working” it the way I know I need to, so I lie in bed with my eyes closed from 5:30 till 6:30 just hanging out with God and asking him who I should call today, etc. but NOT WRITING ANYTHING DOWN. I guess this is where the Faith must meet the Works, or it is dead.

I do know that (1) there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus (2) He is always saying “dont beat yourself up honey, tomorrow is a new day” and (3) “dont repent of being human, that is unnecessary. I am with you and will never leave nor forsake you.”

So tomorrow it is, my sweet sister.
Thank you so much for writing this!

Novato Family Session – The Beginning Of Fall

Fall has arrived and it always amazes me how it seems like one day it’s summer and then the next it’s fall. The transition, although subtle, always feels a bit abrupt to me. I do love the cooler weather when I get to pull on my boots and cozy sweaters but I’m a summer girl when you get right dow to it. But, for photography, fall is my favorite time of year. The light is so crisp and has this softness to it that I just love. And fall is my busiest time of year for photographing families. People start coming out of the woodwork wanting a family session.

When the light started to shift this past month, I found a message via Facebook from a family that I had photographed  a few years ago. They only had one little boy at the time and they were just the sweetest family ever. It was interesting because I’ve thought about them over the years, wondering if maybe they would want to have new family photos taken. I sent an email a few months back but it bounced so I let it go. Then, only a week or so later, after my email bounced back, I received a Facebook message from them, asking to schedule family photos. I just love when the collective conscious is at work and things flow together. I of course was overjoyed to photograph them again and to learn that they had an addition to the family.

You tell me…aren’t these boys and this family just adorable?! And there sweet dog!! Oh my goodness such a beautiful animal.




Linda Goodman - Love love love! I’m the one that gave the kids your website when Grant was just a little guy!nimsaw Julie Caputos photos and loved them!

Nerium & The Difference It Has Made

I’ve been long overdue for a new portrait! I talk all the time about the importance of an updated portrait for social media and I was guilty of using a photograph from a few years ago. I needed to practice what I preach. I used that older photograph because I loved it and more importantly I liked how I looked in it. Happy and youthful.

So many of us are in that same position. Using images from years ago because we still feel like that person on the inside but it’s not necessarily reflected in our outward appearance. I can say that for me, the bags and wrinkles under my eyes were the biggest issue. I looked tired ALL the time. There were better days than others and definitely worse days which were most. I had Matt take a few portraits here and there and I never wound up using any of them because of how tired I looked.

Well, now that I’ve been using Nerium, especially their eye serum, things are changing. I recently celebrated my birthday and I thought what better way to celebrate but with a new portrait. I was LONG overdue as I mentioned before. We went to the backyard and Matt snapped away. To be perfectly honest, I held my breath while downloading the images and loading them into Lightroom to process. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was hopeful and definitely pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Here are two portraits that Matt has taken of me. (The one on the left was with the boys so you’ll see the tops of their heads sneaking in 😉 No “touch up” to either one. They were taken in almost the same spot in our yard and at almost the same time of day. One from 2 years ago and one from 2 weeks ago. You be the judge but my verdict is I LOVE Nerium’s Eye Serum and I wouldn’t live without it!!

If you’re interested in trying out the products you can read about and purchase HERE:

And I’m looking to grow my team so if you’re interested in taking this ride along with me…I’m happy to have you! Click the link above and either send me an email or call.



Laura - Hi Thania, you can go to to purchase products. You will find prices and information there. If you need assistance let me know and I can email you directly. Also, on the webpage you can select the country you are in and it will show up in Spanish. We DO ship to Mexico!!

Thania Fuentes Miranda - which is the price of Nerium?
where I can find Nerium in Mexico?

Sue Garvey - Another happy Nerium person!

Addy Walter - This is a great opportunity that I cannot, NOT SHARE!!!
It has done incrediable wonders and I love to share with anyone who are interested in our money back guaranty. It is highly recommended to take before and after pictures to reconize the long term results…

VOICE 2016 – Image Collection – Still Life

A few months ago I was asked to set some goals for myself as part of my BNI (Business Network International)  chapter. I had to think about what I wanted my short and long-term goals to be and one in particular stood out.

I’ve been a fan of Click Magazine for years. I’ve been a subscriber since they first started printing the magazine and have faithfully read each one when it arrives. I’ve learned about photography gear, photography techniques, photographers around the world and so much more. It’s been a dream of mine to have a photograph published in that magazine and when asked to set goals for myself regarding photography, that was the goal I decided to write down.

I’m a bit in shock and won’t really believe it until I see it…but that goal, that dream, is a reality.

I entered The Voice photo competition a few months ago. There are 14 categories and I submitted a number of images into a variety of them. With a deep breath and all of my fingers and toes crossed, I hit enter with each group submission and let my fate be carried by the digital wind.

Last week I received an email. I’m not sure If I’ve ever been so excited to read an email regarding my photography. The opening word was “Congratulations”…and I knew. One of my images made the collection.

There were 35,000 submissions. YES, 35,000!!! They selected 15 finalists from each of the 14 categories which totals 210 finalists overall. My “Continental Morning” image is a finalist in the Still Life category. My image is included in this year’s Collection which will be displayed in the online gallery, which is comprised of all 211 images that make up the 2016 Voice Collection, at:


All images from the collection will also be printed and mounted by Miller’s as part of a Gallery display during Click Away in Seattle in October. At Click Away, the Collection will be honored at the Voice Gallery Reception, hosted by Canon on Friday October 7th, from 8-10pm.

BUT, for me, the biggest prize is this…All Collection images will be published in the September/October 2016 issue of CLICK magazine, which is arriving in mailboxes soon.


Yes, my image will be published in the magazine. The goal I set for myself that at the time seemed like an impossible goal, a goal that I had NO idea how it would happen…is happening!!!! I’m beyond thrilled, excited, humbled. Now I need to figure out how to get to Click Away so that I can be at the reception honoring the finalists of the VOICE 2016.

Keep pushing forward, keep setting goals even if they seem unattainable, keep dreaming. This is the lesson for me. And what a huge lesson it is.

If you’ve had a goal or a dream come true that felt impossible, I would love to hear from you to inspire myself and others to keep pushing us forward.