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Body Treat – Local Business | Larkspur, CA | Small Business Photography

I was introduced to Dr. Amy and Body Treat through I connection I made at an event a few years ago. When she told me that she had an IV Bar I didn’t exactly know what that meant. It was a fascinating experience learning about this new offering. They are a vitamin and hydration bar. They specialize in treatments that energize, revitalize and maximize your health.

They are a highly trained team (emergency trained doctor and registered nurses), with top of the line credentials.  You walk in, tell them how you want to feel or what issues you need addressed, and you can choose from one of their signature vitamin cocktails, or they’ll mix something special for you.

Then you sit back, recline on one of their comfortable recliners, they bring you tea, and the wellness begins. I personally haven’t experienced having a vitamin IV yet but it’s on my list!

They’re in process of updating their website so I’m excited to see the final results once these images are online.

Kimberly | Downtown San Francisco Photo Shoot


Meet Kimberly!

Kimberly and I met in downtown San Francisco for her photo shoot. It’s such a wonderful backdrop for a corporate headshot. The streets are buzzing with life, the environment makes for a fantastic background and you can’t help but be energized from everything swirling around you.

We started off on the outskirts of Union Square and ended up literally right in the middle of it!

I just loved this woman’s personality. She was a dream to work with and beautiful to boot. She wasn’t so sure she was going to enjoy a shoot that was focused solely on her but by the end we were making plans for a “casual” shoot on the beach with her sweet dog.

Kimberly, I can’t wait to spend time with you again and to capture some fun, relaxed moments of “life” with you and your pup by the water and sand.

Fabulous Trio + Beautiful Mom | Marin County Family Photographer

I had the incredible opportunity to photograph this mom and her three children. She wanted to create some new memories to display on the walls of her home. It had been some time since their last photo shoot and it was time to update! I just love this age. You can still see that they’re little but you can also see the young adult that they are becoming. It’s like twilight….the just between. My favorite.

Anna Machado-Wang - Hi Laura,

This is your old friend Anna Machado writing you to see if it’s possible to have a photo shoot for myself and my husband and son, Anthony….. Maybe you could fit us in your schedule sometime in mid June.

Let me know when you are available.

My cell phone is 408 829-5378.

Anna Machado-Wang

Friday Feature – Saci McDonald Energy Kinesiologist

Today’s Feature Friday is Saci McDonald, an energy kinesiologist who helps people balance and heal their body.

I’ve known Saci for a few years now and she’s an amazing woman. Some of you know that I trained in energy kinesiology and have seen people to help them heal through these practices. Saci was a student and teacher along side me along my journey learning these practices.

I was inspired to feature Saci today for a very specific reason. A few days ago Miles suffered a mild concussion while playing at his friends house. He didn’t black out or experience nausea but he did slam his head pretty hard and saw the white flash when his head hit the thinly padded garage floor. I did take him to the doctor to get checked out and as normal concussion protocol goes, we were told to monitor him, keep him resting and to rest his brain. For a 10 year old this is nearly impossible but when you don’t feel well it’s easier. The day after the injury we weren’t so sure how mild the concussion was but he did try to go to school which ended in a communication from his teacher to come pick him up by 10:30am.

Today we kept him home to “rest” his brain and we had a lovely day together enjoying each others company. I received a call from Saci in the early afternoon and when I told her what happened to Miles she immediately told me to bring him over. She thought he was going to need a heavy dose of arnica or something else to help his body heal from this trauma.

Well, she put him on the table and started working on him. She muscle tested him and found that he needed a physical balance to his neck muscles (he suffered whiplash when he fell). She thought he may need a cranial or jaw correction but he didn’t. He needed an emotional clearing from the trauma and an energetic correction to his governing meridian. When it was all over, it took about 30 minutes in total, she asked him how he was feeling. His response was priceless. He said, “it’s amazing how that works! I feel better and my head doesn’t hurt anymore”.

Truly amazing. I’m so grateful for having knowledge of this type of healing modality and that I know someone who is so masterful as a practitioner. She was excellent with him and made him feel comfortable and safe. The only downfall from this is that he’s feeling so good I’m finding it hard to keep him calm! He needs to take it easy over the next day or so but when you’re feeling “fine” that’s hard to do!

Saci, we are so happy to know you and be blessed by your knowledge and training. You are a gift to the healing community!

If you’ve been injured and you’re not getting better or you’re stuck in an area of your life, I HIGHLY suggest you schedule a session with her! AND, if you’re interested in learning how to do this for yourself or for others,  she teaches classes where you can participate and see first hand the incredible gift of energy kinesiology.

You can visit Saci’s website here:

Feature Friday – Tribe Maker Media

Today’s Feature Friday is Tribe Maker Media, an internet marketing company who creates your digital network, bringing you and your business to the people who matter to you most.

I’ve photographed Giovanna, the mind behind this business, several times. She is a heart-based woman who truly wants what’s best for you and your business in the online world. She is constantly learning what’s new in the industry so she can bring cutting edge information to the table. She’s a vegan, a home chef and is the president of our BNI chapter this year.

In her words…

How many years have you been in business and how did you get started in the industry?

I started my marketing career in radio. I loved the creativity of radio. I had the chance to write and voice ads for my clients. I loved working on special events and seasonal programs that allowed even the smallest businesses who had great goods and services to have a voice on the air. That felt more meaningful to me. Then, one of my very best radio clients moved on to another company. We got along well, had a lot of creative fun and success together and about six months later, he asked if I would be interested in coming to work with him. I jumped at the chance. The data available for online clients to make decisions and prove that you moved the needle in a digital marketing environment was quite different from the stale statistical data of radio. I was hooked on the data, the proof and ability to measure the data.  

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was young I wanted to be a diplomat because I admired people who were multi-lingual. Being able to speak several languages, I thought I could talk to anyone.

What is your favorite part of your job/career?

I love being a hero and cheerleader for my clients. They have something of value to offer the world and I make sure the world knows about them. I love helping them connect with their best potential clients, partners and vendors…their tribe. Some of my most satisfying work has been helping clients to recover from a Google penalty.

What services /products do you offer/provide?

Tribe Maker Media helps small business owners be more visible on the internet. I do this through a combination of Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search. I like to start with an SEO audit to determine our starting point.

What sets your company apart from your competitors?

I help my clients to define the aspects of their business that make them unique from THEIR competition, create a content marketing plan that reflects their authentic voice, and work a sound link development plan that improves their rankings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Giovanna and if you have SEO needs, she’s knows her stuff!

Happy Friday!!